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We specialise in designing large corporate offices, luxury apartments, villas, mansions, retail chains, restaurants, cafes, schools, colleges, educational institutions, farmhouses, you name it and we will design your space for you! Let’s get started!
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Who are you?

D’leaps is the one-stop solution for space planning, interior design, and execution across all types of real estate spaces: commercial office, retail, hospitality, and residential.

Would D'leaps work at my place?

We managed to make a presence across PAN INDIA. we will cater our services at your place, call at +91 91210 00207 or email at us hello@dleaps.com.

Why should I contact D'leaps?

We are the frontrunners in this service-driven industry. No one, literally no one matches our pricing or the service that’s our guarantee. We offer you 45 days installation guarantee, EMI, credit up to one lakh, 2-year free service post-installation. We are the best, will be the best, that’s our promise.

What services do you offer?

D’leaps services include carpentry, false ceiling, painting, wiring, flooring, tiling, cladding, and so much more.

What is the payment structure?

We understand home renovation is a huge investment. We’ve structured our payments in such a way that your home interior journey becomes a smooth sail. You’ll be given structured milestones and related payments.

How can I find or track my progress?

You can check progress with pictures, payments, and many more related to the project in our portal

Success stories from our clients

We start by listening and let that shape design process, with our clients as partners.