Which basket suits better for your modular kitchen

The kitchen is no longer a cluttered and disorganised space, thanks to modern modular kitchens. Kitchen interiors have evolved to provide space to all and every item in the kitchen, making organisation easier and simpler.

Another advantage is that they help in maximum space utilisation and hence are apt for all types of kitchens, small or large. So, what makes modular kitchens the best? The different kinds of kitchen baskets, of course!

How to Choose the Perfect Modular Kitchen Baskets?

The first thing is the layout design of the modular kitchen. Your kitchen’s size and area will decide the right layout design, but the accessories ensure function and appeal to your modular kitchen. That is why, when you buy kitchen baskets and shelves, the functionality should be your priority or else you may have many shelves but not enough for all your utensils and other items.

Here are a few tips to consider before you get the kitchen baskets.

Space for Utensils

There are umpteen different-sized utensils in your kitchen, from large saucepans, kadhais, plates, glasses, to bowls. If you consider the sizes and the number of utensils, you will be able to pick out convenient and spacious baskets to store all the utensils. This alone will mean a neatly organised kitchen, as no utensil will be left out.

Space for Cutlery

Though cutlery is a part of kitchen utensils, you will need special cutlery baskets with different sections to hold the various types of cutlery, from spoons, knives, to forks.

Space for Other Items

Now, you need baskets for spice jars, grocery tins, and more. You will need different-sized, wide, narrow, tall pull-out shelves for the same. Choose sizes as per your requirements so you have maximum storage space and no space goes wasted.

The Best Types of Modular Kitchen Baskets and How to Choose?

The three essential kitchen baskets you need are the stainless steel baskets, Tandem and Legra baskets, and each comes with multiple advantages and specifications. Here is a detailed look:

Stainless steel baskets

A popular modular kitchen accessory is stainless steel baskets. They are durable, eco-friendly, convenient, and easy to clean. You will find different types of steel kitchen baskets, including wired, sheet and perforated baskets.

Though such baskets are well-ventilated, there is a high chance of items falling through them because of the gap between the grills. They also do not have the provision of inside mats.

A disadvantage is that they do not come with a soft close, but you can install it later if you so wish. They could also be a little wobbly or noisy. Stainless steel baskets can support up to 40 kg and come with a warranty of 10 years, no-rust life. Makwana, a leading modular kitchen manufacturer, has a great variety of unique steel baskets ideal for all kitchens.

Tandem Baskets

One of the best accessories for modular kitchens, Tandem baskets come in different sizes and are perfect for storing various items, from utensils to groceries. They resemble drawers in the form of containers and allow optimal usage of space and the best organisation of all objects. Though they have a minimalistic design, they look super awesome and are highly functional, just right for a kitchen of any size, small or large.

You can also opt for Tandem drawers with multiple tiers, one of which can be used for stacking plates, glasses or bowls, and the other for organising cutlery items. Available in three colours, including white, grey and stainless steel finish, Tandem baskets allow maximum storage.

Tandem baskets are sturdy and not wobbly. The soft-close mechanism makes opening and closing convenient and noiseless. Since the channels are concealed, there is also a lesser chance of the baskets getting rust. Not allowing much ventilation, Tandem drawers also are less prone to get dusty.

Another highlight is their capacity to support items up to 35 to 60 kg, so you can use it to store heavy utensils. Tandem kitchen baskets come with a warranty of 10 years for their hinges and channels and thus last longer. Amongst the Tandem manufacturers, Blum is a noteworthy brand for Tandem modular kitchens, as they have some great designs and superb quality.

Legra Kitchen Basket

Stylish and elegant but also highly functional, Legra kitchen baskets complement your kitchen design perfectly. They come in slim sizes of about 12.8 mm and are straight inside and outside. One of the highlight features of Legra baskets is their carrying capacity.

Most of the features of Legra baskets are similar to Tandem, including less ventilation, lesser chances of getting dusty and being non-wobbly and noiseless. Functional, attractive, convenient and spacious, Legra baskets are a must for any kitchen. They can easily store heavy items up to 70 kg. You will also love the soft-close mechanism that allows smooth running action, making them perfect storage baskets for your kitchen. Legra boxes also do not need much servicing as they do not rust due to concealed channels. The Legra baskets from Blum are widely popular because of the quality material and appealing design.

Each of these baskets come with many advantages and very few cons. Your kitchen needs a variety of baskets and accessories to be fully functional and organised. But you also need the ones that fit well in your layout and requirements. Thus, opting for a customised modular kitchen will help you in many ways.

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