Multiple ways to Decorate Walls

What is the first thing that our guests’ eyes fall upon, once they are allowed to step inside our homes? The answer is ‘walls’. Now if these walls are blank, no one actually notices them. If we want our walls to be noticeable, we ought to make them unique. So, here is a simple guide to some unique ways to decorate your walls:

1). School fun.

The first thing we need to do is, revisit all the fun we had at school and while doing so, we could decorate our walls as well. Just try to remember what you were taught in the Art & Crafts class and you might get some good ideas. All you would need is a cardboard piece cut in a design that you would want on your walls. With the help of that, you could create a pattern by outlining it on the wall.

3). Photo album.

In this modern age, no one actually cares about the photo album which is really sad. But there is something you could do with the old photos that you may not have seen in ages. Well, why not put them on the walls? With all those photos, you could make a creative photo album on the wall.

2). Taping it.

This is another simple idea and it just requires a tape in a color of your choice. With the help of this tape, you could make particular patterns that you like. If you are into music, you could make musical notes by cutting the tape and pasting it on the wall. If money makes you happy which I am sure it does, how about a dollar sign? And if you happen to find these signs hard to cut and paste, then a simple plus or a multiplication sign could do the trick.

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