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At  Notion ,we are community..Our community is focused on improving the human experience, guided by a vision that’s committed to making a better world and realized through the positive changes we make in people’s lives.
When we move forward together, that impact is real.we are uniquely poised to integrate our ideas with our expertise to connect cities and bring them to life for people. That’s what differentiates our firm.
We strive to create buildings and spaces that meet our client’s needs, develop a sense of community, and transform our environment. We offer clients a full range of architectural design services, from concept through construction.

The following is an outline of services typically offered by architects and their sub-consultants:

Project Inception
Schematic Design
Design Development
Construction Documents
Bidding and Negotiation
Construction and Contract Administration
Substantial Performance of Construction

There are a number of additional services an Architect can provide including:

•    project management
•    feasibility studies
•    site selection
•    building condition audits
•    programming
•    interior design
•    renderings and promotional materials
•    full time site representation
•    multiple contract preparation

Along with the exterior aesthetic our buildings create, we strive to create interior architecture that adds value to the building and experience within each space. With the average person spending 90% of their time indoors, it is imperative we spend time designing the interior with the exterior in order to develop a complete building. Beyond selecting colors and lighting and furniture, we see our role as imagining how people will interact with and be affected by a space, and how we can enrich their time in it. Our firm offers full-service interior design, lighting design, and furniture, fixture & equipment.
Planning allows us to bring together a team of architects, landscape architects and urban planners. Through this collaborative team, we help clients through the creation of master plans with a multitude of stakeholders to refine a unified vision for the project, and then frame that vision in a way that moves the project forward.
Notion provides a framework that providesArchitectural and Planning solutions in every aspect of the field to achieve inclusive,sustainable and consistent growth.


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